A Brief History
William Cornwall, the owner of Cornwall Construction, hails from England, where he majored in Graphic Design and Architectural Interiors. In 1975 he started his first construction business, Decorative Building Elements, which he continued until moving to Los Angeles in 1985. In California Will obtained his General Contractors License and ran a successful construction business in Palos Verdes for 15 years. Family brought him to Port Charlotte, Florida in 2002 and being well qualified, he was able to take the necessary test for the Florida State Certification.

Where We Are Now
Cornwall Construction Company is truly a small business specializing in kitchen and bathroom remodels, which are the "bread and butter" of the company. William is an artist and a craftsman committed to providing quality and creative cost-effective solutions. His design and woodworking skills allow Cornwall Construction to create the very best custom built-in cabinetry including entertainment centers, display cabinets, marine cabinetry or just about anything the customer might be looking for.

What We Could Do For You
Any remodeling job, big or small is within our capabilities. We can take down walls to open up your space or build new walls to create, for instance, a laundry room. We can repair your shower, replacing water-damaged drywall, studs and tile. (This is almost a standard operation in any bathroom remodel we have done.)

How We Operate
Communication, listening and commitment are key throughout a project; we will come to your home and find out exactly what your construction needs are. From our experience, we will offer you suggestions to achieve the best results. We will discover what sort of budget you are working with and then provide you with a comprehensive estimate with all known costs and a time frame from start to completion of the project. If finish materials, such as tile or fixtures, have yet to be selected, then these will be listed and their cost should be added.

In a lot of instances we have found it is most cost effective to buy cabinets through home centers. They have a wide range of styles and options to suit most budgets and you can see exactly what you will be getting. We subcontract specialists to install counter top solid surfaces.

We do not mark up our materials prices and are happy to pass on any discounts as contractors that we are able to obtain. We will meet and exceed expectations - every time, on time.

Cornwall Construction does not ask for down payments and we only require money "up front" for major special order purchases, or if our subcontractors require it for their material purchases. Our customers can work on any aspect of the project that they wish (i.e. if you want to do the electrical, plumbing or simply the painting then we are happy to work with you to you save money). You can always rely on us to go above and beyond what you expect.